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If you wish to post a selection of our photos on your own web site, you must write to us and receive permission before doing so. Please do not link directly to images located on our site, as this will increase the traffic on the Quanterium.com server. Instead, you must download the photo from Mid Pacific Images and then repost it within your own web server space. In addition, you will typically be required to include a notice citing the original photographer, a link to the Mid Pacific Images web site, and a note that we must be contacted regarding any redistribution of the image from your site. Media outlets and others that may not be able to meet these requirements are still encouraged to contact us as other arrangements and considerations can be made.

Any unauthorized use of Mid Pacific Images photos in any form, including posting on web sites or publication in print materials, will not be tolerated. A fee of US $1,000.00 per photo per use may be charged, at the discretion of Mid Pacific Images. Unauthorized posting of any photographs on a web site will result in a notice of copyright violation being sent to your web site provider and/or Internet access provider with a request for immediate removal of all photographs copyrighted by Mid Pacific Images.

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