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Mid Pacific Images is home for the aviation photography of David Mueller. David has been interested in airlines and commercial aviation for has long as he can remember, taking his first flight at the age of 1, aboard a Western Airlines DC-10. Growing up in Long Beach, California, home to the Douglas Aircraft Company, didn't hurt, either. Currently based in San Diego, California, he has been known to take his Canon Digital Rebel (and before that, Canon Rebel G) along with his travels, photographing the aircraft of the places he goes. His day job involves doing something with computers.

Most of the photos on Mid Pacific Images are available for purchase as prints. Pricing is as follows, per photo:

Domestic shipping, including Alaska and Hawaii, is $6.45 per order via USPS Priority Mail - large orders, Express Mail, and international shipping may require additional shipping cost. Larger sizes may also be available, please enquire about availability and pricing. PayPal (including credit cards) is the preferred method of payment; checks and money orders are also accepted. To place an order, please e-mail David Mueller with the photos and sizes you are interested in. Do not send payment until you have received an e-mail reply.

Media outlets and others that would like to redistribute photos from the Mid Pacific Images web site or other web sites hosting our photos must contact David Mueller for authorization before any distribution occurs.


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About Mid Pacific Images
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