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Current Version: 1.2 (September 2, 1998)

Speed/Mac 1.2 is a game based on the card game Speed. It requires two players on two Macs on a network. It should work with Apple Remote Access, but we don't have ARA to test it and nobody has told us whether or not it works. If you can test it, please do and let us know! Includes the ability to send a message to your opponent, using the HyperNet Messaging System, although it is not capable of communicating with HyperNet Communicator and HyperNet Listener. The object is to get rid of your cards before the other player, but to put a card down it has to be before or after the top card of either of the two piles. Version 1.2 adds the option to play the game using the keyboard instead of only the mouse.

Requires: HyperCard 2, AppleTalk network, MacOS 7.0 or later

Shareware: US$20.00 (one copy) or US$38.00 (two copies)

Click here to download Speed/Mac

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