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HyperNet Messaging System

Current Release: 1.01b (January 16, 1996)

HyperNet Messaging System is an AppleTalk network messaging program for HyperCard. It consists of HyperNet Communicator 1.01, for sending and receiving messages, and HyperNet Listener 1.0, for receiving messages only. In the long term, HyperNet could become a basis for a broader set of communication tools. The programs in this version are compatible with those in HyperNet 1.01 and HyperNet 1.01a.

Requires: HyperCard 2, AppleTalk network, System 7.0 or later

HyperNet Communicator:
Shareware: US$18.00 per copy

HyperNet Listener:

Click here to download HyperNet

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