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Current Version: 1.2 (September 2, 1998)

HyperLaunch 1.2 allows you to launch other programs, similar to Apple's At Ease program. It provides links to applications and documents, and then creates a button for that link. Version 1.2 adds the ability to create links to other HyperLaunch cards. There are a couple of quirks with HyperLaunch. It leaves the Finder running in the background, and has a Quit item on the menu. To solve the first one, you could create some sort of script that launches HyperLaunch and then quits the Finder. We've seen a couple of utilities that add a Quit menu to the Finder, such as System 7 Pack.

Requires: HyperCard 2

Shareware: US$15.00

Click here to download HyperLaunch

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