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Current Version (Macintosh): 2.3 (April 13, 2000)

Current Version (MS-DOS): 1.2 (April 13, 2000)

FishCard is a flash card review program. It will show you the question (one side of the card), then wait until you are ready, and show you the answer (other side of the card). The Macintosh version supports multiple fonts and sizes, speech synthesis, and random order review. A problem with commas and returns in previous versions of FishCard for Macintosh has been solved, and both FishCard 2.3 for Macintosh and FishCard 1.2 for MS-DOS can exchange files without problems.

Macintosh Requirements: HyperCard 2

MS-DOS Requirements: MS-DOS, Windows 95, or Windows 98


Click here to download FishCard for Macintosh

Click here to download FishCard for MS-DOS

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