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Microsoft Flight Simulator for Macintosh

The Mueller Quadrant is attempting to build the largest library of accessory files for Microsoft Flight Simulator for Macintosh on the Internet. If you have any files (airplanes, scenery, add-on programs, etc.), or know where we can locate more and post them, please contact us. Any information regarding commercial products for Microsoft Flight Simulator for Macintosh is also welcome.

The Mueller Quadrant staff does not know where copies of Microsoft Flight Simulator can be purchased, or otherwise obtained. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, swap meets and stores that sell used computer equipment and software might be your best bet. Or, you might wish to consider one of the other general aviation flight simulation programs for the Macintosh, of which we know of two currently on the market, Fly! and X-Plane.

We also welcome discussion about Macintosh Flight Simulation on our new Yahoo! Group, MacFlightSim.

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Terminal Reality's Fly!

Fly! is now available for both the Macintosh and Windows. From what we've seen, the graphics look impressive and the program is attempting to make the simulation as realistic and accurate as possible. Some of the developers worked on previous versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Visit Fly's web site at

Laminar Research's X-Plane

X-Plane is also a highly realistic flight simulator, available for both Macintosh and Windows. As it has been on the market for a while, there are many add on aircraft and scenery, available to download. Visit X-Plane's web site at

Microsoft Flight Simulator

One of the early games available for the Macintosh was Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0. It functioned on the original 128k Macintosh, but to use all of the features, a 512k Macintosh was required. In addition to the Cessna 182 and LearJet 25, there was also a combat simulation. It works on all Macintosh computers with a 68000 processor and built-in 9" display.

To our knowledge, the next release of Microsoft Flight Simulator was 4.0 in 1993 (if you know of any releases in between, we'd love to hear about them). This version was very similar to the DOS version, which was also at 4.0 at the time. It features color, and additional aircraft and scenery can be added. The last version released was 4.00a. The add-ins below are for this version. There is support information on Microsoft's web site for both versions.

According to Microsoft's web site, scenery for both versions of Flight Simulator for Macintosh are available. Since we haven't yet confirmed this, we'll simply refer you to Microsoft's site for further information.

Microsoft continues to develop Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows, but no further releases were made for the Macintosh. We have no official information, but it seems reasonable to conclude that there will be no further development of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Macintosh.

Items currently available:

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