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Airline List Instructions

The Airline list is an electronic mailing list devoted to the discussion of airline-related topics. The list is moderated by Geert Marien and hosted by LISTSERV.CUNY.EDU. What follows are a few key instructions for the most popular functions needed. To do any of these, send an email to with no subject and the following in the message body. You can send multiple commands in a single message by pressing return after each command.

SUB AIRLINE <your name> to add yourself to the list, where <your name> is your name.

SIGNOFF AIRLINE to remove yourself from the list.

SET AIRLINE NOMAIL to temporarily stop receiving messages from the list. To resume, use SET AIRLINE DIGEST or SET AIRLINE MAIL.

SET AIRLINE DIGEST to receive messages in digest form (either one day or 30K worth of messages are sent as a single e-mail). Overrides SET AIRLINE NOMAIL and SET AIRLINE MAIL.

SET AIRLINE MAIL to receive individual messages as they are sent to the list. Overrides SET AIRLINE NOMAIL and SET AIRLINE DIGEST.

CHANGE AIRLINE <new email> to change your email address from the address the message is sent from to <new email>.

QUERY AIRLINE to find out the current settings for your subscription.

INFO REFCARD to receive a full list of commands.

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