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Welcome to The Mueller Quadrant.

The content of this web site is divided into five main areas, called Sectors. In addition, we've also provided convenient links to other web sites we've created.

In the Aviation Sector you will find all of the aviation-related content on The Mueller Quadrant, including Long Beach Municipal Airport, and Microsoft Flight Simulator for Macintosh pages.

In the Software Sector you will find the shareware and freeware programs we've created. These programs are primarily for Macintosh, although one MS-DOS/Windows program is currently available as well.

In the Favorite Sites Sector you will find links to other web sites we've enjoyed.

In the Information Sector you will find general information about The Mueller Quadrant, along with our guestbook and awards page. is our new gateway site, featuring links to all of our web sites.

Mid Pacific Images was once The Mueller Quadrant's Airliner Photo Gallery, and has become its own site. Here you will find photographs of commercial airliners, taken by the staff of The Mueller Quadrant.

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